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After spending over 30 years as a business leader himself, our host, Greg Sugars, will interview a wide range of Business and Property Leaders.

Listen to their journeys, the lessons they have learned and what the think is happening in today’s business environment.

Episode 1- A Podshout Interview with Bruce Billson- Champion of Australian Business

In a wide ranging interview, former Federal Cabinet Minister for Small Business, Bruce Billson, traverses his 20 years in politics; his new life as a Director of the “Unicorn Startup” Judo Bank; and what his 3 wishes for Australian Businesses are.

He was once nicknamed “Pastor Bruce the Evangelical Minister for Business” by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. In this Episode, Bruce talks about leadership styles he observed during his parliamentary career and the campaign by 2GB’s Ben Fordham’s to get him reinstated following Malcolm Turnbull demoting him in 2015.

Episode 2 - Australian Property Legend-Greg Preston

A Podshout interview with Australian Property Legend-Greg Preston.

What is exactly happening with the office and retail property markets in Australia and why is Industrial property doing so well?

Comparing the COVID shock to the GFC and the 1990’s recession, what are the different  fundamentals.

Finally, Greg discusses whether workers will ever return full time to city offices.

Episode 4- An interview with Amelia Hodge, one of Australia's most influential property sector leaders.

This Podshout episode recounts Amelia’s career journey from a young property lawyer, to property policy maker, to her current role as an industry body leader.  

The first female CEO of the Australian Property Institute in almost 100 years, Amelia discusses why being a woman in a male dominated industry is no barrier.  

During our broad ranging discussion, Amelia discusses the importance of career mentors; touches on her time as player welfare volunteer with the Brisbane Bears; and her role as a member of the Council for the Order of Australia. 


Episode 5- An Interview with Caitlin Carson and why Insurance Premiums are skyrocketing.

Caitlin has been recognised as one of the Australian Insurance Industry’s rising “young guns”.

In this Podshout interview we explore what’s going on in the “old boys club” at Lloyds and how as a young woman she sees it changing.

Caitlin confirms that the world’s insurers consider Australia a high risk because we have become almost as litigious as the USA and why that may lead to Australian businesses going off shore.

We discuss why Directors & Officers Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance is the most expensive it has ever been.

Finally we talk about Cyber Insurance and how to meet the Chinese Hackers head on!

The Tables are Turned!- Podshout Host Greg Sugars is interviewed by Peter Switzer on SwitzerTV

Usually the one asking the questions, our host Greg Sugars was recently interviewed himself by veteran finance commentator, Peter Switzer on his weekly TV show. Greg was asked to talk about the Property Sector during Stage 4 Lockdowns in Victoria.

Episode 7 - Corporate Culture Guru, Steve Simpson, shares his views on why the normal way we do business is no longer normal.

International Speaker and Author Steve Simpson explains to us why leaders need to make the business case for Culture in their organisation’s strategic plan and how much improvement you can get from having a better culture.

Steve, walks us through the “Unwritten Ground Rules” of Corporate Culture.

Finally, Steve tells us the 4 things all businesses need to do during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 9- An interview with global technology entrepeneur - Carmen Vicelich

In this week’s episode of Podshout, we meet the inspiring Carmen Vicelich, one of New Zealand’s most prominent and successful female entrepreneurs. 

Carmen’s businesses, Valocity Global and Data Insights, are both all about data, data analytics and technology, making outdated processes digital and more efficient.  More importantly Carmen discusses how the key to her success is all about the customer experience and putting the customer at the heart of everything. 

Carmen shares her journey of her global expansion with our listeners and talks to us about the unprecedented choice and power consumers have in the digitally connected era we live in.

Finally, Carmen shares with us about daring to Dream Big, and how its ok to learn from your mistakes as you try to gain the elusive concept of life balance.

This is an episode not to be missed.

Episode 11- An interview with Rohan Musa-Coaching Australian business's to success.

In this week’s episode, we meet Rohan Musa, one of the pioneers of Business Coaching in Australia.

 Having started his business career back in his teens, in the family business, Rohan went on to tertiary studies in Accounting & Finance. As they say, he “walked the walk” in the corporate world before transforming to a sought after business coach.

 A successful entrepreneur in his own right, Rohan Musa, the founder of Business Cut Through, will share with the Podshout listeners some of his observations on what makes business’s successful and the work he does with corporate leaders

 He shares with our listeners the reasons why ensuring you spend a good time on developing and implementing Strategy is just so important.

 Rohan also shares a number of key ideas on how you can add real value to your business’s valuation.

There will be winners and losers out of the COVID crisis, but Rohan firmly believes that your business can become a winner. 

Listen in to find out how!

Episode 12: Analysing the Australian Property Market with Kent Lardner

In this week’s episode of Podshout, we talk to property data scientist Kent Lardner about the way we are measuring property values in Australia.

Kent busts the myth that the market performs as one across all suburbs and property types.

Are inner city apartments and units going to be the biggest casualty of COVID?

We ask Kent about what a post COVID market looks like and will we all be living in the “exurbs” and working from home?

Listen in to find the answers to these questions and more.

Episode 13: An interview with Sam Boer, Australian Mortgage Industry Legend.

In this Episode of Podshout we chat with Sam Boer, CEO of Smartline Mortgage Brokers.

After a long and legendary career in the Australian Finance Industry, Sam talks to us about the 2/3rds of Australians who are mortgage borrowers and what is happening in this record low interest rate environment.

Sam shares with us why brokers are trusted by borrowers more than main stream banks and why, if your current mortgage interest rate has a 3 in front of it, it’s time to review your finances.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Podshout!

Episode 14 - Chatting about Employment Trends with Brett Clemenson

In this week’s episode of Podshout we chat with professional recruiter, Brett Clemenson,  and discuss all things employment as we move out of our COVID recession. 

Brett shares with us his thought on personal branding and why employers are, in effect, being checked out by potential employees. 

Brett shares his thoughts on the Millennial mindset when it comes to careers and why it is so important to map out a dynamic pathway for the younger generation.

We hope you enjoy!

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