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Episode 3- A Podshout interview with the inspiring humanitarian-Helenita Noble

In this Episode of Podshout​, we have been so lucky to spend time talking to the inspirational humanitarian, Helenita​ Noble, CEO of the Internationally renowned, Christina Noble Children’s Foundation​.

A born story teller, Helenita talks to us of about the million children and their communities touched by the Foundation. In her own words, the children arrive as “broken little birds ” and the fly away like “eagles”.

Helenita shares the story of her wonderful mother, Christina Noble. Particularly touching on the tools Christina acquired from an early life facing extreme adversity, that have allowed her to succeed in making the Foundation such a vital part of these at risk children’s lives.

Finally, we find out how charities and NGO’s have fared through the COVID.

An episode definitely not to be missed!

Episode 6: “Safe Behind the Wire” - The inspiring story of great Australian, Brendan “Tombstone” Kincade OAM

In this episode of Podshout, we talk to a truly inspirational Australian, Vietnam War Veteran, Brendan “Tombstone” Kincade OAM.


Brendan has spent much of his life working to improve the welfare of other Veterans and educating younger Australians about the Anzac Spirit, but also – the futility of War. 


He shares with us the strength and camaraderie of the men and women who saw service in the Vietnam War and how many shunned them when they returned.


Brendan discusses the hidden toll on the Australian troops, and indeed generations of Vietnamese, caused by Agent Orange. 


Mixed in with all this, is the wonderful story of how Brendan met his wife Sheryl, who he met through his welfare work with Veterans and their families. 

Episode 8: An interview with the inspiring Ian Carson, Co-Founder of SecondBite

In this week’s episode, we hear how a humble idea became a reality for a man who professes that he likes to right wrongs.

Co-founder of SecondBite, Ian Carson AO walks our listeners through how the organisation rescues almost 20 million kilograms of food a year and turns it into healthy meals for those Australians who have no food security.

Ian explains why SecondBite is actually a logistics organisation and how 20 cents equates to a meal for those in need.

Ian shares the concept of Shared Vision and how corporates can work with charities to improve societal issues. He explains why major partner Coles have been able to increase staff engagement levels through their association with SecondBite

Finally, we touch on the role of volunteers and what drives him to give so freely of his time.

By day, the Head of Markets at PWC, at night a hero to those in need! 

This is an episode not to be missed


Episode 10: An interview with Gold Medal winning Olympian-Russell Mark OAM

In this week’s episode of Podshout, we meet the inspirational Gold Medal-winning Australian Olympian, Russell Mark OAM

Russell represented his country in the sport of shotgun shooting with distinction at 6 Olympic Games over 28 years, as well as 6 Commonwealth Games and numerous World Cup Events.

Russell shares with us the influence his father, Brian Mark, had on him, his progression through the sport, and why he got a tertiary education before pursuing his Olympic Dream.

We learn about some of the politics of Professional Sport and more importantly, Russell shares his views on some up and comers and future Olympic shooting prospects; including Laetisha Scanlon, James Willett, Penny Smith, and Paul Adams. He tells our listeners why the standard is so high for our female shooters at an Olympic level.

Our interview covers Russell’s life after his amazing sporting career in both business and in the media.

Finally, Podshout gets the scoop on some upcoming projects that Russell has been working on from the other side of the microphone.

We hope you enjoy this episode.

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