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Podshout is a new Podcasting series hosted by Greg Sugars OAM.

After 30 years working as a leader /CEO in the property industry as well as pursuing Philanthropic and Charitable pursuits, Greg was given a challenge by his adult sons to find a new hobby.

Greg’s favorite activity is talking and getting to know people, and thus the Podshout series was created.

Discussions and interviews will be held with a wide range of Business and Property Leaders, Inspirational People and those that have experienced Life Lessons that can impart some important learnings to our listeners.

We hope you enjoy our Podshout series which is available from wherever you download your podcasts from.

Any sponsorship we attract via this series will be donated to the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation.

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Episode 13: An interview with Sam Boer, Australian Mortgage Industry Legend

 In this Episode of Podshout we chat with Sam Boer, CEO of Smartline Mortgage Brokers.

After a long and legendary career in the  Australian Finance Industry, Sam talks to us about the 2/3rds of Australians who are mortgage borrowers and what is happening in this record low interest rate environment.

Sam shares with us why brokers are trusted by borrowers more than main stream banks and why, if your current mortgage interest rate has a 3 in front of it, it’s time to review your finances.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Podshout!

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